• Presidential perceptions

    For my class of consumer behavior, we had to analyze the behavior of candidates for President of United States and show how they influence the behavior of the population and their decisions. My group and I focused on the comparison of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    The year 2016 is going to be a big year for our country regarding politics. As an election year, there is a lot of pressure not only on the candidates, but also on the people of our country to pick the next leader of the United States of America. Of the many candidates, we chose to examine two of the top runners from each political party. Hillary Clinton and especially Donald Trump have been making headlines in the news regarding their campaigns. As we watch them move closer to the election, we see how important it is to listen to what each of them has to say. The importance of this roundtable assignment is to show the different perspectives between the candidates chosen and bring to light the true strategies and efforts being put into their campaigns.

    To start, Hillary Clinton is one of the many candidates running for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. She is from the Democratic Party and her philosophy, along with her party’s philosophy is American liberalism, modern liberalism and progressivism. She carries years of experience in the political field. She was the First Lady in the years 1993-2001 while her husband Bill was President. She has had firsthand experience not only observing her husband during his time in office but also her own time as the United States Secretary of State during the years 2008-2013 under Barack Obama.

    Presidential perceptions

     On the other hand, Donald Trump was a very unexpected individual that chose to run for office. Unlike Clinton, Trump has no previous experience in the political world. He is the founder, CEO, and chairman of his corporation The Trump Organization and also Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts. He is famous for not only his “Trump Towers” in New York City, but also for his television show “Apprentice” and more popularly, “Celebrity Apprentice”. He shows a strong running in the presidential candidacy for being so new to the political world. With being worth 10 billion dollars, he is a very powerful man. The country just needs to decide if he’s the one to be our next president.

     Presidential perceptions

    Selecting the next president is such an important part and privilege for American citizens and it is best that when making this decision, we understand fully what each candidate is all about. But this election has also a big impact on the whole world because of the globalization.

    Presidential perceptions

     By living here during a semester, I noticed that compared to France, people are really opened regarding to their politic opinions. Here, everyone is sharing its opinion about its favorite candidate, by wearing clothes, buttons or putting sticker on the cars… Finally, I can say that the presidential election is a real show between two parties that can even separate the country into two different sides. 

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