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    I mainly chose marketing courses for this semester, because I am more and more interested in this area and I wanted to find out if these courses are very different in the US. So I took classes of Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Business Research and Management. 

    The management course is a basic course, which resume some notions seen in the first year at ESDES. The course of marketing also includes what we learned in the 1st and 2nd year in France but with a better deepening. In this course we will also have to create a new product for a company like what we did in the 3rd semester of ESDES for the company Lustucru. In Business Research, we learn the basics of investigation and research in marketing. Throughout the semester we will conduct a market study for a local company, as we also did in the first year in Lyon. I will, for example, work for a tourist guide in Newport by doing a survey for seniors to see if they would be interested in the different offered tours. Finally the course of Consumer Behavior is for me the most interesting. We really study how people behave and their motives. This course make me question and reflect on my own personality. This is more a course related to psychology and so much more "personal" than others.

    Now, the courses themselves are quite different from those in France. Here, students can get up and get out of class to go to the bathroom at any time, without even telling it to the teacher, and even during an exam. Late students are still accepted, time is not so controlled, but the students are still respectful. Most courses last 1:15, but often the teachers let us out early if the day's program is done. Finally the teachers are very organized. Each establishes at the beginning of the semester a schedule to follow, with the program for each day. So all the students know in advance the homework for each course and what will be done during the class. The teachers are also highly qualified and have studied in very prestigious universities as the Yale University.

    For most of the courses, reading the book is part of the daily homework besides other written work. Thus, during the class, students may sometimes feel like wasting time, because the teacher re-explains the chapters, all the important notions and complete with practical exercises. But finally, I think that I prefer the American system than the French one, as students look more involved in the class, as they have already read and thus more or less learned the chapter that will be treated in class, but in a different way.

    I also found an internship on campus in the office of international programs. I am responsible for the promotion of studying abroad as an exchange student myself. My mission is to tabling with brochures, posting information on social networks and to inform, reassure and inspire students to study abroad through my own experience and my tips.

    My classes

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